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Museum Academy

Designed to enhance reading, research skills, creative ability, social and intellectual development, the Museum Academy is a cultural arts enrichment program for youth age’s seven to eleven in collaboration with community-based organizations in the southeast neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. Our current partner is Center City Public Charter School. Using the expertise of Anacostia Community Museum and Smithsonian Institution educators, historians, curators, and researchers, as well as the talents of local artists, illustrators, and writers, the program incorporates instruction in reading, writing, cultural studies, and applied arts, and allows children to learn about and investigate issues and persons of interest to them.

With a focus on building and strengthening children's self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, cognitive development, and critical thinking, the Museum Academy helps children to advance and succeed in personal and academic growth. The program introduces children to cultural resources and institutions in and beyond Washington, D.C. as a means to open a world of possibilities and opportunities for the children to learn, discover, explore, and express themselves.

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