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Out of Africa: From West African Kingdoms to Colonization

February 28, 1979 – June 30, 1980

Location: Anacostia Neighborhood Museum, 2405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., SE

The major exhibition deals with early African civilizations, the slave trade, the abolitionist movement and the founding of the first African republic, Liberia.

Maps, graphics, and tapes depict the ancient kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, Songhei, Kanem-Bornu and the Hausa States. Headdresses, masks, housepots, gold weights, taped music and musical instruments and door panels represent the cultures of Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The journey into slavery is told in a diary of a ship's doctor, the account book of a slave trader and letters of a young passenger.

Slave revolts are treated in documents, photographs and portraits. Photographs, books and other publications are included in a section on the Abolitionist movement. Additional documents and photographs tell the story of those who chose to return to Africa.