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Art Display
July 31, 1987 – July 31, 1987

View works by young people, ages 9-12, including linoleum block printing, silk screening, and collage construction, created during the Creative Arts Workshop July 6-31.

Anacostia Community Museum
Contemporary Visual Expressions
May 27, 1987 – July 31, 1987

See an exhibition of works by 4 contemporary black American artists.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Renaissance: Black Arts of the Twenties
September 15, 1985 – December 31, 1986

See an exhibit that showcases the flowering of literary, visual, performance, and cinematic creativity generated by black artists between the end of World War I and the early days of the Great Depression.

Anacostia Community Museum
Dimensional Rapture
May 1, 1985 – June 16, 1985

See a mini-exhibition of 13 three-dimensional works created from "found objects" by members of a local art sorority, Eta Phi Sigma.

Anacostia Community Museum
Black Women: Achievements Against the Odds
October 21, 1984 – June 30, 1985

See photographs, artifacts, a slide show, and films that examine the contributions of 113 American black women in such areas as government, education, fine arts, civil rights, medicine, law, and industry.

Anacostia Community Museum
Black Wings: The American Black in Aviation Black Wings: The American Black in Aviation
April 1, 1984 – August 5, 1984

See an expanded version of the exhibition circulated by SITES, including among its additional artifacts photo murals and audio-visual programs, and the flight suit worn by black astronaut Guion Bluford during preparations for his 1983 space shuttle flight.

Anacostia Community Museum
Through Their Eyes: The Art of Lou and Di Stovall
September 18, 1983 – March 4, 1984

See 84 works--silkscreen prints, drawings, and acrylic paintings--by 2 Washington, D.C., artists, showing their progression from posterists to master printmaker and miniaturist, respectively.

Anacostia Community Museum
Portraits in Black: Outstanding Americans of Negro Origin
April 17, 1983 – August 21, 1983

See 36 portraits, as well as biographical information and memorabilia, of blacks who made significant contributions in the fields of civil rights, law, education, medicine, the military, and the arts.

Anacostia Community Museum
Sojourner Truth Doll
February 1, 1983 – February 28, 1983

View a porcelain doll, 17 inches long, a finely detailed figure of abolitionist Sojourner Truth made by San Francisco artist Cecilia Rothman.

Anacostia Community Museum
"Here, Look at Mine!" | John N. Robinson and Larry Francis Lebby Art Show
November 14, 1982 – February 28, 1983

John Robinson, a painter, and Larry Francis Lebby, a stone lithographer, come from different generations and geographies. Yet, vital themes of family, neighbors, and the natural environment link the artists.

Anacostia Community Museum
Mary McLeod Bethune and Roosevelt's "Black Cabinet"
January 24, 1982 – September 30, 1982

In commemoration of the centennial of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s birth (1882), learn more about the contributions of world-renowned educator Mary McLeod Bethune to FDR’s New Deal administration.

Anacostia Community Museum
Anna J. Cooper: A Voice from the South
February 1, 1981 – September 30, 1982

Examine the life and times of Anna Julia Haywood Cooper, Washington, D.C. black educator.

Anacostia Community Museum
Children of South Africa
October 15, 1979 – December 31, 1979

View 21 photographs by contemporary photo-journalist Peter Magubane.

Anacostia Community Museum
Out of Africa: From West African Kingdoms to Colonization
February 28, 1979 – June 30, 1980

Learn about early African civilizations, the slave trade, the abolitionist movement and the founding of the first African republic, Liberia, in this exhibition. Music, artifacts, accounts, documents and photographs depict the many ancient kingdoms of Africa.

Anacostia Community Museum
Exhibition '78
September 16, 1978 – November 12, 1978

View works selected from those submitted by members of the D.C. Art Association, including photographs, collages, watercolors, serigraphs, acrylics, oils and sculpture.

Anacostia Community Museum
Phil Ratner's Washington
April 16, 1978 – August 27, 1978

Artist and art teacher Phil Ratner creates drawings, sculptures, and portraits to honor his hometown of Washington, DC. His students at Anacostia High School contribute drawings and a mural to the exhibition.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Frederick Douglass Years
February 12, 1978 – April 2, 1978

See 42 panels that trace the life and times of Frederick Douglass, the "Sage of Anacostia", as a slave, in the Abolitionist Movement, through the Civil War and Reconstruction, and as an elder statesman.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Anacostia Story
March 6, 1977 – January 8, 1978

Follow the history and development of Anacostia between 1608 and 1930 told through artifacts, photographs, early prints, documents and memorabilia.

Anacostia Community Museum
Flags of Famous Black Military Units
February 13, 1977 – March 31, 1977

View reproductions of 7 flags representing the participation of blacks in U.S. military forces from the American Revolution through World War II.

Anacostia Community Museum
John Robinson - A Retrospective
May 9, 1976 – June 13, 1976

John N. Robinson began to paint at the age of twelve and studied art with Professors James V. Herring and James A. Porter at Howard University. In the late 1920s, he moved from northwest Washington, DC to Anacostia, a neighborhood in the city’s southeast. Inspired by daily life in Anacostia, he painted family, neighbors, landscapes and lilacs. The Anacostia Neighborhood Museum presents this retrospective in cooperation with the Corcoran Gallery of Art, part of the Corcoran’s Bicentennial year series featuring the work of Washington, DC artists.

Anacostia Community Museum

Results: 134 items
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