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Eloise Greenfield

Eloise Greenfield was born in Parmele, North Carolina, in 1929. She moved to Washington, D.C., while she was still an infant. During her childhood she studied piano and took a deep interest in movies and books. Greenfield started her writing career while working as a clerk-typist at the U.S. Patent Office. In 1971 she joined the D.C. Black Writers’ Workshop and found a community of writers who encouraged her work. Today Greenfield is the author of over forty books for children. Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems, She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl, and Talk About a Family have become favorites in many households. Ms. Greenfield has won numerous awards, including the Coretta Scott King Award for Africa Dream and the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children.

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Eloise Greenfield
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