The Museum will be closed until further notice. People are welcome to visit our outdoor exhibit on our plaza.

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Our History: Washington, DC in the 1800s

June 10, 1996 – August 30, 1996

Location: Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School, Washington, DC

Imagine designing a museum exhibit about your community. That’s just what students at Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School are doing in partnership with the Anacostia Museum. The intergenerational program offers Moten students an opportunity to learn about the community of Anacostia in southeast Washington, DC, home to both their school and the museum.

This exhibition presents the history of nineteenth-century Washington, DC, as researched, collected, and narrated by students at Moten Elementary School. On display are face masks, banners, and recordings of first-person anecdotes that explore African American history during the early 1800s.