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From Soweto to Anacostia: Art Prints from the Funda Arts Centre
November 5, 1995 – March 3, 1996

See an exhibition that features linoleum prints from the Funda Art Centre, Soweto, South Africa.

Anacostia Community Museum
Southern City, National Ambition: The Growth of Washington, D.C., 1800-1860
October 14, 1995 – March 3, 1996

See an exhibition reflecting the early growth and development of Washington as an urban center, focusing on its communities and architecture.

Anacostia Community Museum
Twenty Models in Black: A Photographic Retrospective of James Hicks
September 24, 1995 – November 5, 1995

See 20 black-and-white works by high-fashion photographer James Hicks that record his transformation as an artist.

Anacostia Community Museum
Equal Rights & Justice
September 23, 1995 – March 3, 1996

See works by 15 contemporary artists that explore the changing social landscape and demographics since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Anacostia Community Museum
Anacostia: Not the Same Old Story
June 17, 1995 – August 27, 1995

Through an ongoing partnership between Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School and the Anacostia Museum, students collect and prepare objects for display at the museum.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Harmon and Harriet Kelley Collection of African American Art
April 20, 1995 – July 30, 1995

This exhibition features 123 paintings, photos, and sculptures by 71 African American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Anacostia Community Museum
Art Changes Things: The Art and Activism of Georgette Seabrooke Powell
March 4, 1995 – May 28, 1995

Georgette Seabrooke Powell is an artist, activist, art therapist, educator, and nonprofit executive in Washington, DC. On view is a retrospective spanning her sixty-year career.

Anacostia Community Museum
In Search of Common Ground: Senior Citizens and Community Life at Potomac Gardens
December 4, 1994 – January 15, 1995

Residents of a large public housing development find common ground in the shared experience of moving from the rural south to Washington, DC in the early twentieth century.

Anacostia Community Museum
Afro-Caribe: The Art of Dennis Mario Rivera
September 18, 1994 – November 13, 1994

See an exhibit of Puerto Rican artist Dennis Mario Rivera's works that focus on his homeland, the Caribbean, black heritage, and the magical realism that permeates Latin American art.

Anacostia Community Museum
Black Mosaic: Community, Race and Ethnicity among Black Immigrants in Washington, D.C.
August 21, 1994 – September 4, 1995

See an exhibit about people of African descent who migrated to the Washington, DC area from Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Vea una exposición de afrodescendientes que inmigraron hacia Washington, DC.

Anacostia Community Museum
Imagining Families: Images and Voices
August 15, 1994 – February 28, 1995

Using mixed media, 15 current American artists weave family images into statements on US culture.

Anacostia Community Museum
Bahamian Visions: The Art of Amos Ferguson
July 1, 1994 – July 10, 1994

See paintings by the noted Bahamian folk artist Amos Ferguson.

Anacostia Community Museum
Traditions from There to Here: Mixed-Media Works by Lydia Thompson
June 1, 1994 – September 4, 1994

View an exhibition that features works by artist Lydia Thompson.

Anacostia Community Museum
The Moten Black Collectors Hall of Fame
May 31, 1994 – June 19, 1994

Through an ongoing partnership between Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School and the Anacostia Museum, students collect and prepare objects for display at the museum.

Anacostia Community Museum
Malcolm X: Man, Ideal, Icon
April 3, 1994 – June 5, 1994

View an exhibit that examines Malcolm X as a historical figure through writings, speeches, and photographs; as the inspiration for representational and abstract art; and as a symbol for popular culture merchandise.

Anacostia Community Museum
Takbir! Allahu Akbar: Photographs of African American Muslims in Washington, D.C.
April 3, 1994 – May 8, 1994

Members of Washington, DC’s Muslim community practice the tenets of their faith in black-and-white photographs by Fareed H. Nu’man.

Anacostia Community Museum
Still on the Journey: Photographs from the First 20 Years of "Sweet Honey in the Rock"
January 15, 1994 – March 20, 1994

The acapella ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock sings—and signs—to educate and empower audiences in their hometown of Washington, DC and around the world.

Anacostia Community Museum
Before Freedom Came: African American Life in the Antebellum South
December 12, 1993 – March 1, 1994

View an exhibit that examines the lives of African Americans, free and enslaved, during the Antebellum South.

Anacostia Community Museum
Table of Plenty
November 2, 1993 – November 28, 1993

Through an ongoing partnership between Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School and the Anacostia Museum, students and adults from the community join ceramic sculptor Martha Jackson Jarvis in creating a sculpture.

Anacostia Community Museum
Expressions D.C.
October 10, 1993 – November 28, 1993

See an exhibit that showcases the talents of residents of 4 D.C. youth detention centers.

Anacostia Community Museum

Results: 161 items
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