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Media FAQs

The Public Affairs Office answers frequently asked questions from the media. Visit the Newsroom for contact information, press releases, and more or call 202.633.4876.

1. How do I get more information and/or images for an article I’m writing about one of your exhibitions and/or public programs?

Please contact the Public Affairs Office at 202.633.4876 for information and/or images about the Museum’s exhibitions and/or public programs or obtain media materials by visiting the newsroom. For images on exhibitions currently on view, upcoming, or past, images can generally be found by visiting the Smithsonian Institution Newsdesk and searching the name of the particular exhibition or by searching the Museum name.

2. Does the museum have spokespersons available for interviews?

Supporting its focus on issues impacting contemporary communities and legacy work and collections on African American culture, Museum staff has expertise on family and community memory and collections preservation; family and community history; civic engagement, the Museum’s current, past and upcoming exhibitions an programs; collections and archival material; as well as the Museum’s history, operations and staff. If you are looking for a spokesperson on a particular topic, please contact the Public Affairs Office to see if an interview can be arranged. Please allow plenty of lead time in requesting these interviews and at least 5 business days if filmed or recorded.

3. Is picture taking permitted in the Museum?

News photographers and videographers need to make arrangements with the Public Affairs Office by calling 202.633.4876 or 202.320.1735 (cell after hours/weekends). Members of the media are generally escorted by staff and sessions are limited to 2 hours in duration. Because of staff availability, accommodation of requests must be scheduled. Please submit your request at least 3 business days in advance. Media use of a tripods or lights is permitted only with staff escort. NOTE: The filming of children is prohibited until the accompanied parent gives verbal and/or written permission. Personal photography for non-professional and non-commercial use is permitted in the museum.

4. How do I obtain permission to film museum exhibitions or programs for a documentary, television special or similar program.

The Public Affairs Office handles all filming requests for the Museum and can be reached at 202-633-4876. Producers/directors can expedite this process by reading our FAQ page before completing and submitting our fillable filming application with complete information about what and when they want to film. If possible, also attach a treatment of the script. The Smithsonian has a film policy in place covering all of its facilities which includes the application to the unit’s public affairs office, a review and approval process and access fees for filming on the premises as well as additional fees for security and other expenses. Not all requests for independent/private productions may be accommodated.

5. How may I obtain rights to use a Smithsonian image for a book or for other commercial purposes?

For the use any text or images for commercial use, publication, or any purpose other than fair use as defined by law, you must request and receive prior written permission from the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum. Read more about Smithsonian terms of use policy.

6. I want to donate items to the Museum; whom should I contact?

To donate items to the Museum, please visit the collections web page (link to Research, Access, & Donate page in the collections section).

7. How big is the Museum?

The smallest and only Smithsonian museum located in a residential neighborhood, the Anacostia Community Museum facility has one main gallery, one small gallery, two other display spaces, an exhibition program resource room and a public program room on the main floor. The offices are located on upper floors; the archives, library and collections areas are available by appointment only. There is limited free parking on site, however, street parking is also available.

8. How many visitors come to the Museum on an annually?

On the average, the Museum hosts 50,000 visitors.

9. How many objects from the Museum’s permanent collection are on view?

The Museum’s revolving exhibitions program includes a small gallery featuring changing artifacts from the permanent collection.