Oral history interview with Arthur J. Dock

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Fisher, Holly
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Arthur Dock spoke about his family history, growing up in North Brentwood, and the institutions and organizations located in North Brentwood, Maryland. Dock listed the names of his close relations (parents, grandparents, siblings), and where his relations who lived in North Brentwood lived as well as where his family lived prior to moving to North Brentwood. He detailed his family's daily activities, including chores, when he was growing up; the home he grew up in; and the street he grew up on. He talked about holiday traditions and family celebrations, particularly the food prepared and eaten; and when and for what reasons his family gathered and how often they gathered. He also mentioned the chicken houses and the chickens raised in the community. Dock discussed how important decisions (where lived, what school, what jobs and occupations) were made and who made them; how children in the community were disciplined; how conflicts in his family were resolved; and the values and expectations taught within his family and within the community. He described how his family supported his college education; how his family cared for one another; and what success and achievement meant to his family when he was growing up. Regarding the institutions and organizations located in North Brentwood, Dock described his memories of teachers and activities at North Brentwood School, activities organized by churches in North Brentwood, and what makes North Brentwood special. He listed the people and families who operated businesses in North Brentwood, and the type of business they operated as well as the names of his neighbors. Dock mentioned he lived in the house previously owned by Mr. and Mrs. Quander, and included a little biographical information about them. He also talked about what he remembers about the mayors and council of North Brentwood, the fire department and the firemen's hall, the police department, playgrounds and the recreation department, the activities organized for the Teen Club, the local doctors and dentists, the Holmes Beer Garden, and taverns and restaurants in North Brentwood when he was growing up. Arthur Dock was interviewed by Holly Fisher. Digital audio files include white noise and static; interviewee can be heard clearly for the most part.
circa 1993
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1 Sound cassette
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African Americans
African American families
Manners and customs
Social values
African American neighborhoods
North Brentwood (Md.)
Footsteps from North Brentwood exhibition records, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
A text transcript of this interview is available in Anacostia Community Museum Archives. The text transcript is not verbatim of the audio recording.
Title created by ACMA staff using text written on sound cassette, contents of audio recording, and textual transcript.
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