Oral history interview with Alice Marshall

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Dorsett, Donald
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Alice Marshall spoke about her family history, growing up in North Brentwood, and the institutions and organizations located in North Brentwood, Maryland. Marshall stated the names of her close relations (parents and siblings) and her extended relations who lived in North Brentwood lived. She talked about her family's daily activities, including chores and work outside of the home, when she was growing up; the home she grew up in; and the street she grew up on, including the names of her neighbors. She spoke of attending school in Maryland through the 6th grade and then attending Alfred Jones School in northeast Washington, DC; when and for what reasons her family gathered; and family reunions, funerals, and birthdays. Marshall discussed who made the important decisions (schooling, marriage, jobs) in the family; who children in her family; how conflicts in her family were resolved; and the values and expectations taught within her family. She talked about who cared for aging, sick, or dependent family members; what success and achievement meant when she was growing up; how her family helped others in the community; and her job with the government. Regarding the institutions and organizations located in North Brentwood, Marshall talked about what she remembers about the church her family attended; her father renting out horses for hire; who owned and inherited property in her family, and what makes North Brentwood special. Alice Marshall was interviewed by Donald Dorsett. Digital audio file includes white noise and static; interviewee's voice a little soft at times but can be heard during most of the recording.
circa 1993
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1 Sound cassette
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African Americans
African American families
Manners and customs
Social values
African American neighborhoods
North Brentwood (Md.)
Footsteps from North Brentwood exhibition records, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
A text transcript of this interview is available in Anacostia Community Museum Archives.  The text transcript is not verbatim of the audio recording. 
Title created by ACMA staff using text written on sound cassette, contents of audio recording, and textual transcript.
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