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Audrey Brown PhD Dissertation: Interview with Delores Binah Waite

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Brown, Audrey
American University (Washington, D.C.)
Scope and Contents
Interviewed in her home in Altadena, CA., Delores Binah Waite (born 1945 NY) spoke about her early life, family, and education as well as the individuals who most influenced her. She talked about the Mary Magdalene Project, and running a business and educational programs. Binah Waite explained how she identifies herself. She expressed her thoughts on ethnicity and how ethnic identification affected her life; her thoughts on black community, empowerment, independence, and self-determination; and her thoughts on identifying the black community as one group or many different groups. She stated groups/affiliations she belongs to/activities she is involved in, any social activism work, and how she stays in touch with African Americans and the African American community, including publications, websites, other communication/media, conferences, and celebrations/events. She explained how emphasizing African descent in one's appearance relate to social change in America. Binah Waite talked about the accuracy of African American history and how African American people, particularly African American women, are portrayed. She explained how knowing history influences what is happening now and in the future; where women fit in in terms of passing on history; and what African American women can accomplish personally in their everyday lives to affect change. Binah Waite described what she would change, what she would build, and what she would eliminate with unlimited power and/or resources.
Interview. Part of Audrey Brown PhD Dissertation Interviews 1997-1998. AV000164_A and AV000165: same content. Dated 19980427.
2 Sound recordings (audio cassette)
Archival materials
Sound recordings
African Americans
African American women
Social action
Social change
Political science
African American political activists
African American history
Washington (D.C.)
United States
Audrey Brown PhD Dissertation: Interview with Delores Binah Waite, Anacostia Community Museum Archives, Smithsonian Institution.
ACMA.09-016, Item ACMA AV000164_A
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