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Milton Jones describes working in the exhibits department and helping with research, design, and education at the Anacostia Neighborhood Museum (now Anacostia Community Museum) from its inaugural year in 1967. He recalls being on a street corner, encountering John Kinard, and asking him for a job. He credits the opportunity he received as the "best thing that ever happened to me in my lifetime", because the museum inspired him to work, be honest and fair with people, and turn away from crime. He describes the effect the museum had on the community, how it brought something new and fresh to the neighborhood and afforded opportunities to learn about history and get involved with museum work. He remembers teaching children in the education program to stay in school, reach for better things in life. He says 200-300 kids went on to college and he credits the museum with providing opportunities and support. He recalls how the museum attracted people from all over the world to Anacostia, and "put them on the map." He also discusses his sense that the museum has changed, the community has become less involved, and he expresses concern that it should be more focused on community programs and events. The interview was recorded on June 28, 1991. The audio quality is clear throughout the recording, with some minor background noise. Exhibitions mentioned: The Frederick Douglass years: a cultural history, Black women: achievements against the odds, The Rat: Man's Invited Affliction.
1991 June 28
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Anacostia (Washington, D.C.)
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ACM 25th Anniversary Oral History Project, Anacostia Community Museum Archives, Smithsonian Institution
ACMA.09-034, Item AV001654
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