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Images can be downloaded and used for personal or classroom use, without written permission from the museum. Please be sure to use the credit line assigned to the image. The Smithsonian Institution’s Terms of Use outline allowable uses, within the meaning of the principles of “fair use.”

If you need a high-resolution file, or if you wish to use an image from our collection in a website, publication, or other forum, please contact us by filling out the form, below. 

You may download images for personal or classroom use without written permission from the museum. The museum allows “fair use” of images for nonprofit educational purposes. Please visit the Smithsonian Institution’s Terms of Use for more information about allowable uses.

Please fill out the form, below, to request permission to use an image in a publication, website, or other forum. Be as specific as possible. We will respond to your request with the appropriate credit line and further guidelines. Please note that there may be restrictions on the use of certain images.

To request permission to film items in the collection or at the museum, please visit the Smithsonian Institution’s Filming Request page. 

We do our best to provide images within two weeks of the initial request. Why? Some of our collections are not photographed, and some need to be retrieved from offsite storage. It takes time to schedule shipment and photography. 

Yes. The Anacostia Community Museum requests a complimentary copy of any publication reproducing our images. Please mail a printed copy to Anacostia Community Museum, Collection Department, 1901 Fort Place, SE, Washington, DC, 20020.

For media inquiries, and to use museum images in media stories, contact the museum’s Public Affairs Office.

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