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Long Green

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Sam Gilliam
acrylic on canvas
72 1/4 × 24 × 7/8 in. (183.5 × 61 × 2.2 cm)
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Gift from the Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Walter Hopps in memory of Bradley Pischel)
Five diagonal stripes in greens, browns, and blue are the focus of this acrylic painting. Evenly proportioned lines, created by masking off areas with tape, travel diagonally from the top right to the bottom left corner, while thinner stripes of bare canvas separate the colors from each other and the dark red background. The interplay between complementary and analogous hues draws attention to Gilliam’s interest in color relationships. Measuring just over six feet in height, the painting exploits scale to impress the dynamics of color on the viewer.
When artist Sam Gilliam painted this work, he was still working in the style of the Washington Color School, introduced to him by artist Thomas Downing in 1963. While Gilliam would later distance himself from the Washington Color School, this painting reflects the group’s influence on his work and reminds viewers of the early sources informing Gilliam’s oeuvre.
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