The Anacostia Community Museum will be closed from January 8, 2024-March 22, 2024. We will reopen on Saturday, March 23, 2024 with our next exhibition, A Bold and Beautiful Vision: A Century of Black Arts Education in Washington, DC,1900-2000. We hope you will join us! 

Determination of Serving Our Communities

Atlanta, GA
Hope C. wearing a mask and UPS uniform

During this time, our nation is in need of unity, love, discipline, and selflessness. Although, the days can be stressful, the volume is steadily increasing, and moments with my family are shortened, I wouldn't change my position of being on the frontline, serving others who are in need. I am grateful for the customers who go the extra mile to make sure, we as UPS drivers have a snack to keep us going, leave out essentials that we may not have had a chance to get after work, positive notes on the door or even a verbal "...thank you" Seeing the smiles on our customers face, encourages me to keep pushing and informs me that I am making a daily positive impact. I am beyond honored to be able to deliver packages, and ensuring that our customers are satisfied to my best ability with a smile on my face every step of the way...with and without the mask.

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