Educating the Youth during COVID-19: Resilience and Revolution

Farimont Heights, MD

Education during Covid-19: Resiliently Revolutionized

I experienced my first time working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. As an educator, I often envied others who had jobs that allowed them to work from home. I always hoped that one day educators could get time away from the job to work from home instead of going to the school building, but I never imaged my wish would come to fruition like this!  This is the first time for quite awhile, that I have had time to relax, stand still and go with the flow as a teacher. At first working home as an educator was very strange, I missed my students, my colleagues and my classroom. The task of learning how to navigate a new distant teaching platform, go to online meeting all while sharing the information with my students and their families was overwhelming, but worth it! After about a month of teaching at a distance, I am impressed about how much I can do to simulate a face to face class and make the experience effective for student. I think this situation has caused a Revolution in Education that is here to stay. So, I'm riding the wave and enjoying it by learning new ways to communicate online, by acquiring a wealth of teaching/learning resources to add to my teacher tookit all while teaching at home on my couch. I believe this event has marked the end of the beloved, snow day and the beginning of a new executing a new growth mindset in K-12 education. The Resilience in Education is Amazing! Online teaching and learning platforms have been in existence for many years. For the past 10 years distance education was viewed by many as the unthinkable "step child in K-12 education, it now has risen has the "savior of K-12   education" overnight, during the Covid-19 virus. We are living history, and this event is one for the history books. What a great time to be a History Teacher in DC and in America!

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