Flying in the Age of Covid-19

Marysville, CA
Flying during Covid


I know! It doesn't sound like the brightest idea, especially, being a first time flyer, but when family is in need of support it's worth the risk. Already intimidated with lack of experience it didn't help with the added pressure of a deadly virus prowling and praying on anyone and everyone. Taking normal packing to a higher level, my carry on was packed with hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, extra masks, gloves, things we never even thought about bringing on a plane prior to our new norm.

The shift from stressing over which outfits to bring to now making sure you were a walking disinfectant was real! I remember the hectic morning of my flight; my mom yelling, "NO! Go put on a long sleeve you can't have any of your skin touching the surfaces!" and "Come take this vitamin C!" I was so overwhelmed I forgot to grab the prepacked snacks made the night before. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, MY FOOD! Going through T.S.A was no fun either not only did they have the charming, early morning attitude, but the gentleman doing the body scan wasn't wearing a mask and was coughing up a storm. I felt like I was putting myself right in the danger one. However, that fear didn't stop me from being overzealous with my safety; with pride I not only halted the people in my row from sitting but also everyone in line behind me while I cleaned my seating area with Lysol (not today corona).

Although this experience sounds anything but enjoyable, I had so much fun. It was my first thing I did on my own as an adult, I paid for it and I got to experience it completely independently. I met some really nice people who understood the importance of personal space while also understanding the importance of human interaction. This experience alone showed me that there is a way to get back to your lives, meet new people, have new experiences; you just have to add precautions where you normally didn't. Putting yourselves in uncomfortable situations is what helps you grow. I wouldn't change this whole experience for anything because it not only helped me grow as an adult but also as an adult within our circumstances. We can make it possible as a society to 'come back outside', it's just a matter of being all on the same page and unfortunately we are far from that