Life as a new Mom

Colorado Hills, CO

We had our daughter in November 2019 in the heart of the flu season, so we were already very wary off germs. Little did we know at the time that we were so blessed with the timing of everything: both sets of grandparents were able to meet her, we had an endless supply of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, and my husband was able to be in the room with me when we delivered. Looking back, I never would have thought that these
things would be a scarcity.  I think so often of all the new or expectant moms who don't have these same bits of normalcy, especially at such a crucial time of adjustment as a new parent.

With a husband who is immunocompromised and a newborn with a still developing immune system, it has been a very scary time but we push through. While its always in the back of my head "what if they get sick, what if my dad (a doctor) gets sick, what if I get sick...", there are constantly moments of happiness with this precious little girl. I've been keeping a list of these moments and go back to it when I need a moment of relief in the midst of all this chaos. Sometimes it feels like this cycle of negativity and hopelessness never ends and time moves so slow. Sometimes it feels like yesterday I was holding my now six month old in the hospital as a newborn baby and now she is saying "Mama" and I'm wondering where the time goes. All we can do (all anyone can do) is process and really allow yourself to feel your feelings and keep moving forward. While I'm home keeping my family safe, there are millions of people in every essential sector keeping us safe and working tirelessly to do so. This gives me hope and this keeps me going. This too shall pass, and I can't wait for the day that I can properly introduce my little girl to this wild and beautiful world.

Friendship & Family, Quarantine