Make a Difference from Home

Newton, NJ

Because of the issue we have been going through these past couple of months known as Covid 19, many of us have not left the perimeters of our own household, unless it is for work, or grocery shopping, or even a walk to get out of the house.  Although as we sit at home, there are many other issues still taking place in the world, such as the protests all over America and in other countries of George Floyd's death. I have been urging to go to the protests happening in the town I live in, although I did not want to put my family at the risk of giving them Covid 19 since my parents are at a
higher risk, so  to take my part in the protests of George Floyd's death and the Black Lives Matter Movement I have been using my social media platform to raise and spread awareness about this topic, along with signing petitions. Even though I am at home and not able physically protest these matters, I have done my best to raise awareness from home and help make a difference for what is right.

Civic Engagement