A message of hope made of yarn <3

Los Angeles, CA
Yarn at installation at Black Lives Matter Plaza

Hello! My photo will explain better than me :) But here we go...I am a street artist based in Los Angeles, CA and everything I create is made of yarn. When protesters began filling the streets, I focused my explosion of emotion into crocheting. It is my way of peaceful protesting.
Usually, I know what I am going to make prior to starting any project, but with this one I let every changing moment dictate what was ultimately crocheted.  I finished on the night of June10th. It ended up being a 9' wide x 5' tall colorful brain, filled with inspiring messages, names, and action steps we can take. The next morning, I woke up with an epiphany, I instantly purchased a flight to Washington DC and by 7pm that same day I
was at Black Lives Matter Plaza installing art on a fence in front of the White House. I had never been to Washington DC before and was welcomed with open arms (and face masks.)

The energy was unlike anything I ever felt before. People organically began gathering to watch the live art installation. Everyone was taking photos and sharing the most encouraging words! It is still up on the fence, even though I am back in Los Angeles. It has been fun seeing everyone share photos on social media...that is how I know it is still bringing smiles and more importantly a colorful awareness to the progress we need to make across the United States. Thank you for tuning in. xoxo, London 

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