Neighbors Supporting Neighbors

San Francisco, CA

I live in a majority-white, upper middle class neighborhood in California. My next-door neighbor, who is Taiwanese-American, was out walking her toddler in her stroller when a white woman shouted racial slurs at her. That same week, I was on a Zoom meeting with the Pilipino Workers Center discussing community resources when a Zoom bomber, a young white male, hacked into the meeting and started screaming profanities at us, calling us the n-word, and repeatedly typing "Sieg Heil" and pro-Trump statements into the chat box.

These racist incidents have been traumatic, and the way we are coping with it is by sharing our stories to raise awareness of anti-Asian racism. San Francisco State has collected data on over 1700 incidents in its first five weeks. We are also coping by supporting each other. We drop off care packages of food, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer on each other's doorsteps. We check in on one another by text message. I really believe that the way to rebuild our communities and bolster our resilience is to foster this spirit of responsibility for others beyond ourselves and our nuclear families. This is very much aligned with my Filipino culture and my neighbor's Taiwanese culture, and it's been the way that so many immigrant, Black, and Indigenous communities have survived despite war, genocide, colonialism, slavery, and other big crises. Thanks for providing this forum.

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