Over three months, our son UNABLE to see his son!

Oberlin, OH
Gas mask

This will be a read from a grandma’s perspective about our son, who just completed his residency program June 8th, 2020; schooling for 12 years and getting out of residency and NOW  as an attending emergency doctor! Our son’s name is Brandon, and our beautiful daughter in law is Natalie—they BOTH are medical doctors in New York City!!! Once called the epicenter, the “hot zone” for COVID-19. (Lincoln Hospital (Harlem) set up JUST for Covid-19 patients). God made him for just this time, and our daughter-in-law at Maimonides hospital in Brooklyn. My husband, KEVIN, (grandpa) has told our son you are in war just as your grandfathers went out to war in World War II(Patrick O. sailor on a warship)(Gene C. in hand to hand combat in the jungles, Guarded MacArthur, top gunman, and in foxhole for 129 days still holding the record) went off to war and didn’t see their sweethearts, their wives, their children for four or five years—you are on the frontlines in a war, but with something you can’t see with your eyes except for the ravaging devastation of what this coronavirus is doing!”

Our son, Brandon,  intubated patients daily, multiple times per day! I’m giving you this “Moments of Resilience” story,  because the picture speaks volumes & will be an honorable way to show our sons’  son, Benjamin, the sacrifice that they have made to help others and was UNABLE for three months  to see their son and it’s still on going(Baby Benjamin is in Florida with grandma and grandpa) that I’ve included which is our son on WhatsApp live(look down right hand corner you’ll see our son BRANDON watching his son live but not in person)seeing his son who he could not be with for fear of him getting this virus because they are both medical doctors on the frontlines every day exposed to his virus every moment! As a grandma, I want this to be remembered—the sacrifices made by our young adult children & their children— My grandchild-whom I can’t see and hold because we are listening and staying home in Ohio!

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