Pause for Breath

Topsham, ME
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My name is Maria, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.
Since last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, we are living a hard experience in our life. Each day for me has been so hard, because sometimes, I think it will not be over.
Stop working to have been one difficult experience, to deal with it hasn’t been easy, also. I lost many closely friends, and Brazilian people are totally crazy.
On the other hand, I have improved my English, listening to your amazing Podcasts, and reading your articles and talking with professionals from different countries and areas.
I have had a great opportunity to meet interesting people, to discuss important topics for the future, and sometimes, to share with them my thoughts and a little bit of my knowledge.
I am grateful for you to invite me for all these events. Maybe, I wouldn't support this moment alone. You have been my company for all these days, where I could learn so much about *Wine*, with Erick, *Arts*, and with *Pandemic Perspectives: Stories Through Collections*.
Today, I'm totally immunized against COVID-19.
Thank you so much.

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