The Resurrection of Gloria

Springfield, VA
Gloria at a nursing home

My septuagenarian mother-in-law, Gloria, lives in a nursing home. A few weeks ago, Gloria caught COVID-19 inside of the nursing home some how. At first, they just isolated her for social distancing. That was the start of the emotional roller coaster ride for friends and family. Every other day we got good news and then the next day we got bad news. Because all nursing homes are closed to visitors, we were kept in the dark for the most part. The quarantine isolation was going fine, but then she kept getting weaker and refusing to eat. So they put an IV in her arm for nourishment. But since she has dementia, she ripped out her IV line. Then they sent her to the hospital. And her condition worsened. We prayed and prayed. We made funeral arrangements. We had many sleepless nights. At one point, the hospital was kind enough to let us do a video call with Gloria online. Because we thought this would be the last time seeing her alive, we put all our energy into that one video phone call. We kept talking and talking so she could hear our voices and possibly that would make a difference in her recovery. And then we waited and didn't hear anything for a few days. Then, out of the blue, the doctor gave us an update--Gloria had "turned the corner" and was making a full recovery from COVID-19 and being put on oxygen in the ICU. We were so drained from mourning that we had barely enough energy left to celebrate. Today she will ship back to her nursing home, a COVID-19 survivor. What makes this even more of a miracle is the fact that Gloria was a lifelong cigarette smoker until a couple of years ago.


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