Elm Grove, WI
Screening papers

I work as a Nurse practitioner in a pediatric center. When COVID first began we shut down our clinic and only trested patients with urgent needs. This greatly reduced our volumes and the number of staff needed on site.  The mounting anxiety among staff required to remain on site was immense.  As the number of cases in pediatric patients affected remained low the idea of opening clinics began to grow first at 50% then slowly increase. Unfortunately, within weeks of increasing our patient volume one of the providers tested positive and we again needed to reduce the volume of patients seen in our clinic.  Approximatly, 1 month after we closed our doors it was decided that all staff should wear masks and be screened for symptoms and temperature checks became our daily routine as we enter the clinics or hospital.  We are all handed a slip of paper stating, " I was screened".  Having  your "papers" allowed freedom to access common areas including your clinic and hospital units.