Trans Flag Celebration

Los Angeles, CA
Trans flag at #AllBlackLivesMatter march

I live in West Hollywood, where the #AllBlackLivesMatter march was taking place right along my own street. Not having been out in months for social-distance safety, I was reticent to join any march. But, hearing the vibrancy of the LGBTQ community (whom I proudly belong to) support the call for racial equality, I decided to take my camera to the streets, mask in tow.

The protest march ended at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd., to unveil a newly-painted trans flag in the very center of the street. It's enormous, taking up most of the square, surrounded by the remaining rainbow-painted crosswalks - a firm statement of the trans voice within the LGBTQ conversation.

There was a large crowd gathered celebrating on top of the new flag; they created a dance circle. It was a raucous celebration of their message, one that moved me. I realized that for these trans, black voices, this was a culmination -- a reckoning. Never before on this grand a scale were their voices lifted up by the Ls, Gs, Bs, and Qs, perhaps for the first time being heard. And their joy was all over their faces.

The happy feet dancing on the flag created the purest, blissful metaphor for the day. I have many, many more I would love to share.

Civic Engagement