We Won’t Fall

Los Angeles, CA
A woman and a man standing with masks on


This photo was taken July 12, 2020. The public was still debating “to mask or not to mask.” This was a protest mask photo for sure, yet definitely for safety. Our family has fought hard to survive everything and in every way, the right way, together. My grandmother, my Aunt’s mom, Teresa, was born in California in 1926 and yet because of the sentiment of the nation in the country in the 1930’s, our family was repatriated to Mexico. They drove their model T’s to Mexico where there were no roads in certain parts at the time. This is one of those new roads moments I guess you could say - times we have learned to live life in a different way. As I write to you today, I haven’t seen my Aunt since the day of this photo. But, I’ve talked to her on St Patrick’s Day and we will see each other again. I worry soo so much for her health and survival. I remember her as a teenager here in Southern California and as a child. She’s my fun Aunt. I hope this photo shows the strength that we have brought with us from our family. I love it! I absolutely love it.

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