Why it's Important to Stay Resilient and What it Can Do

Salt Lake City, UT


Why is it important to stay resilient during covid-19? What can resilience do to help stop covid-19? There are many reasons to stay resilient during this trying time, like keeping others safe. Resilience can help covid-19 end faster, and multiple businesses and schools have been showing resilience already, like Harvard University and The World Bank.

One reason to stay resilient during coronavirus is so you can keep others safe. If we stay at home we have a lower chance in getting others sick. Also according to Harvard University and other professional doctors, the elderly and other people with permanent injuries have a bigger chance of dying of the virus. So if we stay home, the people who have a higher chance of getting hurt by the virus might not get sick at all. All this information shows how and why to stay resilient and safe.

Another reason to stay resilient during coronavirus is so we can help the economy. According to The World Bank the economic global growth has dropped by 8% in 2020. Also according to BBC News this economic drop is happening in 187 other countries. This is because of businesses losing workers and customers. Their customers are staying home and their workers either quit to stay safe or got let go. The worker unemployment rate in the United States has risen 6.7%. So if we stay home the sooner the virus will end and sooner the economy will be back to normal. Also workers will be able to go back to work and provide to their family. This shows what a huge impact that resilience can make.

So many people have been resilient during these hard times. According to BBC News, millions of people have lost their job these past couple months. But these people didn't give up. They stood back up because most of these people also had families to take care of. These workers who are also parents have been persevering to provide for their families, so they went and got new jobs, even if they knew it was dangerous to work they still did it. All these workers, mothers, fathers, and grandparents stayed resilient. This shows how many people in the world are staying resilient right now. So in conclusion, we need to stay resilient to help and protect people. If we keep on resisting, we can help others get their jobs back and provide for their families. We will also be able to protect others if we resist. Stay home, stay safe, and keep your resilience.

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