In The Community

As it moves forward and true to its legacy, ACM will continue to drive innovation in the field.  We are bringing our programs and exhibits outside of our own walls to create immersive experiences that appeal to both the head and heart of our audiences. We share a breadth of perspectives to provoke thoughtful examination of the issues we explore. We center local voices and lean into our commitment as an anchor for the community. We are pushing the bounds of what it means to be a place-based museum.   

We are committed to broadening access to our programs and experiences, and greater inclusion for a broader set of museum audiences. From expanding our physical space to include outdoor exhibits and programs in the community, to bringing our work into libraries and prisons, to leveraging technology to expand our storytelling – we aspire to meet people where they are – to break down the physical barriers between the museum and potential new audiences. We seek to present our content in more accessible ways through the creation of visceral experiences, storytelling, and language that is accessible to all people.  

At ACM, we bring a multifaceted approach to our programming, viewing contemporary issues through the lens of history, art, culture, and science. We value academic rigor and scholarly depth, we seek out the perspectives of those on the front lines of policy and practice, and we share the lived experience of members of our community. We believe in the power of first-hand accounts to build awareness and empathy. 

As a museum anchored in place, we believe we have a responsibility to be in relationship with and responsive to our surrounding community.  This responsibility translates into programming that responds to emergent community needs, partnerships that facilitate access to resources, and employing neighborhood residents. We believe our work should be relevant in our presentation of contemporary issues, as well as, in-action, as a member of the Anacostia community.

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