Anacostia: Not the Same Old Story

June 17, 1995 – August 27, 1995
Anacostia Community Museum1901 Fort Place, SE
Washington, DC
Community Gallery

Imagine designing a museum exhibit about your community. That’s just what students at Lucy Ellen Moten Elementary School are doing in partnership with the Anacostia Museum. The intergenerational program offers Moten students an opportunity to learn about the community of Anacostia in southeast Washington, DC, home to both their school and the museum.

This year’s program focused on a multidisciplinary exploration of the Anacostia community through bus tours with community historians and visits to other historical and cultural institutions to examine the history of the larger city of Washington. Students documented these experiences in stories, poetry, and three-dimensional constructions. The resulting exhibition narrates community history as the experiences of these children growing up in Anacostia.

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