Banding Together: School Bands as Instruments of Opportunity

Jumping Drum Major, H.D. Woodson High School, Washington, DC. Anacostia Community Museum Archives, Photo by Steven M. Cummings.

September 10, 2006 – May 14, 2007
Anacostia Community Museum1901 Fort Place, SE
Washington, DC

The sight and sound of a marching band can bring back memories of glorious parades full of color, pageantry, and the proverbial rows and rows of the finest virtuosos playing in harmony and stepping in synchrony. Banding Together examines the growth and development of school marching bands, and their impact in preparing students for fulfilling lives in music and other careers.

Student musicians display their skills not only in playing intricate, rousing music together but also in showing off precision drill formations. From music appreciation to rhythm classes to learning to read music and play an instrument, music instruction in elementary through high schools introduces students to the joys, mysteries, and techniques of music of all types.

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