Exercise Your Mynd

August 22, 2011 – November 27, 2011
Anacostia Community Museum1901 Fort Place, SE
Washington, DC
Main Gallery

BK Adams’s (aka Art Man) IAMART motto and works of art have appeared in public places and in galleries in Washington, D.C., and have attracted a broad and devoted following. Using exuberant color, toys, and objects scavenged from everyday life, Adams's work poses a call to the viewer to get involved with art. This exhibition is his latest effort to share with the viewer the landscape of his imagination. There are some familiar motifs and links from Adams's life—bicycles, airplanes, and the nuclear family—that steadfastly travel through these imaginary landscapes.

Exercise Your Mynd is the first installation in the exhibition series Call and Response: Creativity and Community that explores artists and their visions as they draw upon the cultural expression found in schools, churches, community organizations, and other venues in the public sphere.

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