On Their Own: Selected Works by Self-Taught African American Artists

Detail from Equal by Mary L. Proctor, 2000, mixed media. Collection of the Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution. Gift of Mary L. Proctor.

January 31, 2005 – June 12, 2005
Anacostia Community Museum1901 Fort Place, SE
Washington, DC
Main Gallery

This exhibition features the work of self-taught artists Chris Clark, Simon Jackson, “The Dot Man” (Sam McMillan), Mary L. Proctor, “Mr. Imagination” (Gregory Warmack), and Ruby Williams. Drawing from their respective communities, these innovators create unique stories of special visions, people, and historical events. They tend not to be influenced by peers, popular trends, or creative movements as they present ideas through a diversity of engaging images and media. Many recycle found objects from their immediate environments, demonstrating both resourcefulness and concern for the earth. The artists of On Their Own expand the scope of American aesthetics by presenting visual stories that delight and inform.

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