Speak to my Heart
Communities of Faith and Contemporary African American Life.

Anacostia Museum and Center for African American History and Culture



Curator and Principal Investigator:  
Dr. Gail S. Lowe 
Curatorial Assistant:  
Jennifer Savage Morris 
Project Assistant:  
Shelia Montague Parker 

Research Staff: 

Thomas F. Bickley, Smithsonian Institution Libraries 
Tamara L. Brown 
Audrey Brown, Ed.D. 
William Jelani Cobb 
Kimberly Freeman 
The Reverend Robert Gilmore 
Ariana Hernandez-Reguant 
Portia James 
Marisa Keselika 
David Taft Terry 
Meadow Weinman 
Mark B. White, Ph.D. 
Leah Williamson 

Financial Management: 
Teresa P. Johnson 
Cynthia Chase 

Project Director:  
Sharon Reinckens

Exhibition Design, Fabrication, and Installation: 
Brian Jones-Brian Jones Design 
Folami Ahota 
Harold Dorwin 
Margaret Hutto 
Habeebah Muhammad 
Pearline Waldrop 
Phillip Estlund 
Scott Larson 
Shawn McRaney 

Editing, Typesetting, Model Making, Mannequin Fabrication, and Installation Support: 
Smithsonian Institution's Office of Exhibits Central and Office of Physical Plant, and Ann Hofstra Grogg 

George Sexton Lighting 
Timber Structure:  
Associated Components 
Stained Glass Restoration: 
Gilbert Trent 

Sounds of Speak to My Heart Recording: 

The Reverend Herbert Jackson, Jr. 
Production Staff:: 
Thomas F. Bickley 
Patricia Lindsey 
Shelia Montague Parker 
Fleur Paysour 
Recorded at Bible Way Temple, Washington, DC 
Mixed by Heidi Gerber at Bias Studios, Springfield, VA 
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Air Show, Springfield, VA 
Technical Coordinator: 
Pete Reiniger, Folkways 


Jennifer Savage Morris 
Production Staff: 
Thomas F. Bickley 
Mignon Erixon-Stanford, Smithsonian's Office of Information Technology 
Mark Wright

Video Presentations: 
Jesseye Norman Sings for the Healing of AIDS (excerpts) 
Directed by George C. Wolfe 
Produced for television by Alan Weiss Productions, Inc. 
Courtesy of Balm in Gilead, Inc. 

Melodies from Heaven: African American Gospel Announcers in Washington, DC 
Written, Produced, and Directed by Jacquie Gales Webb 

A Week in the Life of West Angeles Church of God in Christ 
Thomas Wright, Director 
John Meehan, Producer 
Conceived and developed in conjunction with the Video Ministry of West Angeles Church of God in Christ

Advisors and Consultants:

The Reverend Reginald Blaxton
The Reverend Marjani Dele
Patrick Ellis
Dr. Elias Farajaje-Jones
The Reverend Thomas Frank, S.S.J.
The Reverend Herbert Jackson Jr. 
The Reverend C. H. Johnson
Imam Ghayth Nur Kashif
Kim Q. B. Leathers
The Reverend Terence K. Leathers 
The Rev. Dr. H. Michael Lemmons
The Reverend Roderick D. Lewis Sr.
The Reverend Dr. Kirk Monroe
The Reverend Anthony J. Motley
The Reverend John Payne 
Dr. Wardell Payne
The Rev. Dr. JoAnn Perkins-Watts
Herbert Quarles 
Benjamin Ross 
The Reverend Weldon G. Thomas 
Eric Torain

Special Thanks:

John Brown (Smithsonian Office of Membership and Development)
Bible Way Temple:
Presiding Elder James Silver 
Missionary Ida Getter
Elder George Holton
Diane Jackson 
Deacon Henry Marshall
and Ivam Ridgeway
Alice Green Burnette (Advancement Solutions, Inc.)
Jackie Burton (The Lilly Endowment, Inc./United Negro College Fund)
John W. Cobert (Smithsonian Institution Office of Contracting and Property Management)
George Golden (Smithsonian Office of Physical Plant)
Michael Headley (Smithsonian Office of Exhibits Central)
James M. Hobbins (Executive Assistant to the Secretary, Smithsonian Institution)
Sister Jeanne Knoerle (The Lilly Endowment, Inc.)
John Meehan (Smithsonian Office of Telecommunications)
Phillip Norton (Smithsonian Institution Office of the Comptroller)
J. Dennis O'Connor( Provost, Smithsonian Institution)
Derek Ross (Smithsonian Institution Office of Physical Plant)
Barbara K. Schneider(Office of the Provost)
Mary Tanner(Executive Officer, Office of the Provost)
Steven Walls (Smithsonian Institution, Office of Facilities management)
Jacquie Gales Webb (Smithsonian Office of Telecommunications)

We welcome your comments on the exhibit and the website. Please email or telephone (202 287 3380) or write: 
Speak to My Heart 
Anacostia Museum & Center for African American History & Culture 
Smithsonian Institution 
1901 Fort Place SE 
Washington, DC 20020 

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