Growing Community

Roll up your sleeves and join us!

Growing Community is the longstanding community gardening program at the Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum. Through garden programming, residents of all ages can engage with the beauty of the natural world, a healthy food system, and their cultural past. We welcome the community to participate in our monthly workshops, taking place throughout the growing and harvesting seasons. All workshops are led by our long time “Garden Guy” Derek Thomas and incorporate themes such as gardens as places of community and connections to our cultural past; gardens as sites of stewardship and nurture; and gardens as sites of empowerment and access to good nutrition and healthy living. 

We hope you will join us Saturdays through October 21, 2023. Young (5-12 years old) and adult gardeners are welcomed. You can learn more about the topics by checking out the museum's events calendar at

Growing Community is a flagship program of the Smithsonian's Center for Environmental Justice at the Anacostia Community Museum. 

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