Urban Waterways - Values

Group of people standing in front of a mural

Acknowledging the multiple layers which make up the on-going relationships between urban residents and their waterways and the diversity of experiences, efforts, and best practices needed to fully explore these connections, Urban Waterways seeks to provide a platform for a multitude of stakeholders.

A man and a woman having conversation, both with meeting badges

Urban Waterways recognizes and is committed to honoring and amplifying the leadership, advocacy, and ability of community-led efforts to effect positive changes pertaining to the health of their cities and natural resources.

A man and woman seated, having a conversation

Urban Waterways is committed to a broadening of the historical record and the acknowledgement of the importance of the actions of individuals in the shaping of their communities’ histories.

Children in front of an exhibition featuring a marina and there is a picture of man with the message, "It's our River" on the sign.
Urban Waterways seeks to engage all interested stakeholders in activities aimed at the restoration of and re-engagement with their waterways and their communities.
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