Washington, DC

Urban Waterways & Faith Issue 2 Spring 2014

Katrina Lashley

Hawaiian protocols at Ulupo Heiau with volunteers Photo: Ahahui Malama i ka Lokahi

As communities face the issues in the growing debates and battles over the definitions and practices of environmentalism, the responsibilities and rights of residents, and the practicalities of creating healthy, sustainable communities, the role of Faith has come into focus. FinalUW Newsletter


About Katrina Lashley

Katrina Lashley is a Program Coordinator at the Anacostia Community Museum and currently leads the museum’s Urban Waterways initiative which documents stakeholder efforts to engage with and improve  urban waterways and their communities through a multitude of perspectives including urban development, urban waterways and diverse populations, community activism, and development and river ecology.  She served as an intern on NMAH’s American Enterprise and a researcher at Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial. Lashley received her B.A. in English Literature and Italian Language at Rutgers University. In 2011 she completed a Master’s in History (Public History track) at American University with a focus on the British Caribbean. In addition to her public history work, Lashley was a teacher of English Literature and Language for thirteen years.