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Visiting Tips

Things to Know Before You Go

We have compiled this list of tips to make your visit to the Anacostia Community Museum easier and more enjoyable. Staff members are also available to answer your questions at the lobby desk.

Transportation: The museum offers free outside parking. If taking Metro, take the Green Line (Branch Avenue) and get off at the Anacostia metro station. You will need to transfer to the W2 city bus. The bus stop is located directly outside the metro station. The bus stops directly in front of the museum.

Minimize Carry-Ons: Before you visit, please note that the following items are prohibited: tripods, monopods, guns, knives, pen knives, pets (except service animals), scissors, aerosol cans, tools, placards, signs or banners and consumables. Please leave them at home or in your car. No food or drink is permitted in the gallery and no smoking is allowed in the facility or on the grounds.

Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Connect to our WIFI: Connecting to our WI-FI is easy. Just choose SI guest and input password displayed at front lobby desk.

Go Mobile: View our website on any of your devices.

No Food and Drink: Food and drink are not permitted in the museum. There is no dining area; if you bring food, you must consume it outside. Several local restaurants are nearby. Only bottled water is permitted in the museum.

Please Take Photos! You are welcome to take photos (and share them via Twitter #anacostiacommunitymuseum) However, tripods and monopods are not permitted without prior approval. Professionals, please see our photography and filming policy.

Wheelchairs: A limited number of non-motorized wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis; please ask at the lobby. We do not provide motorized wheelchairs. See our accommodations for Visitors with Disabilities.

Strollers: Strollers are allowed in the museum and galleries.

Take Care on Ramps and Overlooks: Please use care and do not allow children to play on ramp and overlooks. Never carry children on your shoulders.

Ask For Help: Security officers are located throughout the building to protect the museum, its collections, and most important, our visitors. Please feel free to ask them for assistance.

First Aid: First Aid is available. Please contact the nearest security officer or the front lobby desk for assistance.